Organic natural rubber teething ring

Organic natural rubber teething ring
Product description

Fish-shaped natural teething ring

  • Structured surface for gum massage
  • Soft and easy to grip
  • Free from toxins, silicone and chemical softeners
  • Sustainable production
  • Promotes motor skills and tactile sense of the baby
  • From 100 % natural rubber

Our Certificates;

  • Clean the teething ring with warm water before every use and store it in a dry and hygienic place.
  • Do not boil the teething ring. Not suitable for being heated up in a microwave or for being steam-sterilised.
  • The teething ring is not dishwasher-safe. Do not use any abrasive cleaning agents to clean the teething ring.
  • Do not expose the teething ring to direct sunlight or heat as this may damage the product.
  • The teething ring can be disposed of in the household waste and be recycled thermally without any problems.
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Organic natural rubber teething ring


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