How to Care



Organic products should be washed with organic sensitive-skin detergents, anti-allergic detergents or natural soaps with washing machines

Please make sure that your detergent does not contain any of the substances; chlorine, phenol and phosphate

Do not use fabric softener or bleach

It is always recommended and a wise move to wash your organic cotton clothes separately

While washing with 30 degrees in washing machine does no harm to organic cotton garments, using tumble dry in the drying process will cause shrinkage. Because conventional cotton is chemically treated to prevent this but organic cotton is not

Therefore, We recommend to hang dry organic clothes to prolong the lifetime of the garment and protect the soft touch feeling of the clothes for your babies gentle skin

Organic cotton is NOT exposed to the harsh, fiber-weakening chemicals that commercially grown cotton is; therefore, with reasonable care, organic cotton will last many years