Learning your baby’s gender and first shopping

You start listening to your baby's heartbeat at 10 weeks of pregnancy and see your baby clearly in 16-20th weekly checks, and you can even learn about the gender of the baby. The first time you learn the gender of your baby, aside from completely internalizing becoming a mother, you will start thinking how you will decorate your baby room and how to wear your baby up.

Then shopping excitement start ...

For the first time mothers, if they are not experienced enough, the first baby shopping can be little bit frustrated. In order to make it easier for you, you should consider that your baby will grow very quickly in the first few months, and you will have to change it frequently. For this reason, we recommend for your baby's daily wear; comfortable and easy to use clothes, soft, if possible organic or hypoallergic clothes, allowing your baby to move freely, and resistant to frequent washing.

What are the baby clothes you will need for your baby's first year?


Bodysuits are one of the most practical products, especially for newborns who need frequent sleep. When choosing Bodysuits make sure that there are not too narrow parts on the bottom or have snap-fastened from the front which is offering a cloth changing ease and that provide a comfortable use during playing as well as sleep;


In the first few months, you should opt for long models that will cover your baby's stomach and diapers to prevent your baby's waist from opening. When choosing a body for your baby, choose soft parts that will not disturb your baby, especially when you're dressing up, the neck should be comfortable and you can choose short arm or long arm body depending on your season.


Choosing two-piece combos is quite practical in comparison with bodysuits as it allows you to change a single piece if the clothes are dirty instead of the whole outfit.

When you are choosing the pant for your baby, be careful that the waist part can be stretched so that they can pass over the cloth and, if your baby takes some weight on, would not be disturbed immediately.

Hats and gloves

It is important that you use your hat especially in the first few months so that the sun or the wind does not affect your baby.

When buying a hat for your baby, choose wide-edged hats for summer and a design that will cover your ears which is made of warm-holding fabrics for winter. Among the glove models, give priority to models that are elastic and fingerless.



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