Becoming a Mother…


That first moment which cannot be described but it would be understood only when it is experienced. When you learned that you would become a mother, days and nights pass by thinking that your family will expand and your life will never be the same again. Your heartbeats start to go crazy, and start to think about how they will look like, what their gender will be, what they will do in the future, what food they will love, which profession they will choose, or even their marriage. After all, you are programmed to do more for their happiness and health. If you have to go to the other side of the world, you wouldn’t even need to think.

Being a mother is the most difficult work. It progresses very slowly by the introduction of each emotion such as love, respect, self-confidence, sweetness, pain, goodness, badness and beautiful. Then they will take off from the house, but they will be always part of your life no matter how old they are. While you are struggling with these emotions, family and friends will follow and watch every move of your baby and start bringing the presents, and you will have conversations about ultrasonic photographs every night. Actually the subject is more emotional for you than others as you start to question every gift that accepted whether is healthy, whether it is used or would irritates their skin or worries about it becoming an allergy.

Our brand has been set up to take care of exactly these worries by producing organic cotton baby clothes based on every kind of sensitive skin. Our factory Topkapi Iplik is the Turkey's first manufacturer of organic cotton and producer of organic yarns. Every stage of garment production is under strict control of GOTS and FairTrade organization. These certificates cover end-to-end productions starting from the agriculture process. In more details, the process starts from the production of organic cotton to the production of all the baby clothes, from the harvest of all the raw materials used, to the labeling of production with environmental awareness and social responsibility. It gives a definite assurance of the organicity of all the baby clothes that has been produced. These certificates have worldwide reputation and validity, are the only certificates accepted in all major markets.

With the power given by these certificates, baby clothes are designed and produced with care for newborn babies by using 100% organic cotton and kept under control at each stage. The mission is to keep the welfare and sensitivity even after the born, produces the newborn baby clothes. All mothers and fathers who care about the environment and their baby’s health could easily consider buying these products either for their own baby or as a gift to other parents.

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