Bambo Nature 2 Mini (3-6kg) Diapers

Bambo Nature 2 Mini (3-6kg) Diapers
Product description

Combo of the Year - Bambo Nature Newborn is a diaper for newborn children from 3-6 kg with super soft OrganicKid body


The products are made of quality materials and represent the new generation of environmentally friendly pads. 

Breathable - The fully breathable textile-feel back sheet allows your child's skin to breathe and keeps it healthy.

Top dry - A top dry layer ensures a fast absorption by quickly wicking away wetness, helping to keep the child's skin dry.

Soft! - The super soft textile-like top layer feels comfortable to the touch and does not irritate your child's skin.

Flexible - The diaper side panels are made from an extremely flexible material that ensures a perfect fit, every time.

Leak protection - The perfectly shaped sideguards of the diaper minimizes risk of leakage and ensures optimum freedom of movement without compromising on comfort.





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Bambo Nature 2 Mini (3-6kg) Diapers

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